The Calm Before the Christmas Storm: 5 Tips to Stay Mindful & Calm Through the Holidays

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So, Christmas doesn't exactly have to be a storm, but for most of us it is!  It's a busy storm that keeps us out and about spending time, money, and energy in places out of routine, and away from our everyday lives.  The holiday season includes fun, misery, memories, a lot of stress, and did I mention more memories?!

So, here are my 5 tips to get you through the next couple of days.

Tip 1: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

You don't have to go out and log half marathon miles or put in 2 hours at the gym.  But, you do need to do something physical for yourself! Getting out and walking is a great stress release.  Walk in between meals over the holidays, or when there is some down time between activities. The fresh air will revitalize your soul, and give you a fresh outlook.  Bring the kids too! Its never too soon to get them involved in physical activity.

Pick up a last minute class at the gym. I got in my yoga class this AM, YAY! If you cant make it to a class or gym, get in a good 30 minute workout at home or yoga series. You can even workout with the TV!  Point is, exercise isn't to make room for all the food you plan to eat (even though it helps), its to help clear your mind!

Tip 2: Make Lists & Plan Ahead

Keep yourself on track and organized by making "To Do" lists.  This helps keep your goals and activities you need to accomplish right in front of your face so you don't let something slip by in all the hustle and bustle.

Tip 3: Drink Lots of Water

So, I know, 'Tis the Season to imbibe, but keep it to a minimum. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage to keep your body hydrated.

***Never drink and a friend...stay where you are....please remember to not get on the road and behind  the wheel!

Tip 4: Rest

Try to get enough sleep so you stay fresh and relaxed. Plan ahead and follow Tip 2 to help you with getting enough rest! 

Tip 5: Don't Worry...Be Happy

Smile, and smile some more! Its about making memories with family and friends.  Try to find the best in your situation and enjoy the holidays!  Every year is a gift you have to be around your family and friends, even the one's that get on your last nerve! 

We hope you have the Hap Happiest Holiday Season this side of the Nut House! Cheers!



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